R&D Projects

Gematica participates to several projects within the Smart Cities framework. In particular, it is worthwhile mentioning:

  • VInCES - Valutazione Integrata del Ciclo di vita per l’Edilizia Sostenibile
    • Call: POR FESR 2007-2013, "Innovation campus" action.
    • Aim: The project aims to develop a methodology for integrated assessment of the degree of sustainability of the building (new construction or existing) covering the whole life cycle same, and to develop and test innovative building technologies to increase the sustainability of building products. To this end, we will conduct research aimed at developing sustainable technologies and experience in the following areas:
      • structural systems;
      • materials;
      • passive and active technologies for saving energy from conventional sources;
      • water cycle;
      • waste cycle.
      The results of evaluation activities allow the realization of a platform evaluation ILCA implementable in the environment SW can process integrated analysis of construction projects, from the phase of production, to that of use / maintenance, until its disposal.

  • S4E - Safety & Security Systems for Sea Environment
    • Call: PON Research and Competitiveness, Smart Cities & Communiti action.
    • Aim:
      • Sea technologies: combine the promotion of environmental protection and marine resources with innovation of the maritime and shipbuilding through the development of new systems and technologies for security, monitoring, cleaning and conservation of the marine environment; the development of innovative systems for the integrated management of emergencies; the development of new methods and technologies for improving the quality of fish products and the strengthening of the fisheries sector in a chain approach; implementation or optimization of systems and technologies for the navigation of surface and underwater
      • Homeland security: support the development of new knowledge, innovative technologies and new integrated systems for risk prevention, defense and safety of the territory, through the use of solutions based on the use of ICT technologies, which allow an improvement of 'efficiency in the management of the different matrices, as well as emergencies resulting from environmental disasters